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Change Happens. TV Innovation Timeline.

How Many TV Innovations Have You Experienced?

Our Experts Top Streaming TV Tips

  • Have your logins and passwords handy for your: router, network, Google, Email Accounts
  • Be sure to have 100% fiber internet with speeds of at least 100/100 Mbps
  • Where is your router? Be sure that your router is located centrally or at least elevated and not in a closet, on the floor, behind furniture, or in boxes.

Did You Know?

You can get FREE Streaming TV right on your current TV

  • LG CHANNELS/LG TV powered by XUMO and featuring Pluto TV, including “Local Now” for local news and weather.
  • SAMSUNG TV PLUS has 160 channels with a robust sports package including Fubo.
  • VIZIO WATCH FREE service with a channel guide similar to cable and includes channels such as NFL Network.

Pick a TV streaming service that matches your traditional TV line up.

Our Streaming Specialist, Michelle, recommends Hulu and Frndly to get a similar TV lineup found in our traditional TV service.

Our Streamer's ♥: Roku Streaming Stick+

Did You Know?

You can get free Streaming TV right on your Roku device…

The ROKU CHANNEL has over 115 channels including locals, live TV, as well as Roku Original programming.

How to Install Your Stick in Less than 4 Minutes!

Streaming Devices

Our Experts Top Streaming Install Tips

  • Check your input
  • Select a “Source” on the remote to match your input
  • Check your internet speeds, you need 100/100 Mbps to Stream TV and 250 Mbps or more if you have multiple devices streaming 4KHD and above

Did You Know?

The Top 5 Streaming TV Services...

  • 1
    251 million subscribers
  • 2
    162 million subscribers
  • 3
    162 million subscribers
  • 4
    96 million subscribers
  • 5
    48 million subscribers

TV Audio

Tips for Selecting a TV Soundbar

  • Pick an active Soundbar with built in amplifiers
  • Get at least 3 or more channels
  • Where will it go? On a wall or table?
  • Check that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled

Did You Know?

Free Streaming movies and channels are available from your favorite TV and cable broadcasters:




Viacom CBS




Sinclair Broadcast




Xfinity, Comcast


NBC/Warner media





TV Mounts

Tips for Selecting a TV Mount

  • Check your TV specs, only pick a mount that supports your TV size
  • Most mounts are designed for drywall, plaster or masonry will require extra hardware
  • Need Swivel? Or an extending arm? Check the type of mount to get the flexibility you need
  • Be sure to plan for concealment of any wires

Did You Know?

TV tip-overs cause over 11,000 visits to emergency rooms every year, mounting helps protect kids from tipping accidents.

Self-install or call.

Our installers are ready to set up your Streaming TV, or mount your TV, or do both!