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Smart Home

Nobody wants a dumb home when we make it so easy to make it smart.

Monitored Cameras

Monitored Camera Tips

  • Don’t attach cameras to gutters, the weight and the exposure to weather is bad for your gutter and your camera
  • Dont put cameras in dark spaces unless the product is equipped with night vision or infrared technology designed to work in low light conditions
  • Place cameras along a wall that offers the widest view of the room
  • For best results, place outdoor cameras in a location that offers some protection from weather
  • Outdoor cameras placed in areas not easily accessible can help prevent tempering

Did You Know?

61% of indoor cameras are set up in the living room, that’s more than in any other room in the house. And since 34% of burglars are coming in through the front door, it is no surprise that 68% of monitoring cameras are located there.

Video Doorbells

Video Doorbell Tips

  • Select a video doorbell with both cloud and local storage (usually a micro sd card) if one method fails, you have a backup
  • Pick your preference in a night vision feature; either an infrared (black and white footage) or a spotlight to allow for color night vision
  • Determine whether you need a hard-wired or a battery operated system. A battery system is easy to install, however, lots of activity combined with always on monitoring and video capture could use up batteries in a couple of weeks. Conversely, limited activations and select use of video capture will result in a battery life of a 2 months or more

Did You Know?

Over 80% of people said they were concerned about package theft,
over 40% have experienced it and over 30% plan to buy a video
doorbell to try to prevent it.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostat Tips

  • Use voice control, pair with an app such as Alexa, and ask to raise or lower temperature by room
  • Get weather updates, as well as the temperature outside
  • Use Away, Auto Away and IFTT (If then, then that programming) to save energy
  • Use the Geofencing feature which detects your smartphone and adjusts temperatures

Did You Know?

400 million homes have a Smart Thermostat. Why? Because 89% of regular thermostat users never program their “programmable” thermostat. Smart thermostats use machine learning to program themselves based on your habits.

Voice Assistance

Voice Assistance

  • Set alert to know when your Voice Assistant is listening; be sure to mute listening mode when you want privacy
  • Check the manufacturer's policy to understand who is allowed to listen to audio redordings
  • Periodically review your recording history, either set up an "auto delete" function or manually remove old recordings
  • Add a PIN to control who can shop by voice command

Did You Know?

There are over 110 million voice assistants in use in the U.S. The most common task? 65% use their Voice Assistant to check the weather.

Smart Home

When you are ready for more than DIY, our award-winning team of experienced professionals specialize in the design and integration of Smart Home Automation. We implement intelligent controls that learn and adapt. We work closely with residential and commercial owners, contractors, architects, and interior designers toward a goal of “bringing it all together.”

Our Top 5 Custom Home Automation Solutions

  • Multimedia Rooms
  • Home Theaters
  • Whole Home Sound Systems
  • Automated Smart Lighting
  • AutomatedTemperature, Energy, and Communication Systems

Zirrus Connected Technologies has set the standard in the Carolinas for professionalism, innovation, and customer

“Life is better when everything works together.”

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