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Connecting Our Communities

Below you will find details about how Zirrus will be bringing Fiber Internet to your area.

Zirrus has been selected as the internet service provider for this initiative based off the quality and speed offered by the Zirrus fiber network.

If you have an interest in fiber internet, then please submit your information below.

Register your address and contact info below to
stay informed on fiber access in your area.

For those who need more information, continue reading below. 

Who is Zirrus?

Zirrus, formerly Yadtel, is a North Carolina-based company. We started in telecommunications and have served the Yadkin Valley for more than 70 years. Today, we’re expanding through western North Carolina as an internet service provider.

Why fiber internet?

Right now, you likely have internet that either comes through copper cables, cellular signals, or satellite. Fiber-optic cables transmit data at a significantly faster speed, can support multiple users in the home, and are much more reliable.

To learn more about fiber internet, please click the link below.

How Zirrus Fiber Internet is Different

When will construction begin?

If you received a letter, construction has begun or will begin in the coming weeks. Letting Zirrus know that you are interested in fiber internet secures your free installation and setup. We encourage you to use caution around our work sites when construction starts in your area.

Why is this service coming to my county?

Your county has been identified by the federal government as an area "underserved" in terms of broadband internet access. This means the current internet options may not be meeting the needs of all the residents in terms of speed, reliability, or access. This is where Zirrus steps in.

At Zirrus, our mission is to 'connect your world' and we are committed to doing this by bringing high-speed, reliable fiber internet to every corner of our trade area, including your county. We believe that everyone, regardless of their location, should have access to quality internet. In today's digital age, internet connectivity is more than just a convenience, it's a necessity. It opens doors to education, employment, healthcare services, entertainment, and so much more

Want to talk with someone from Zirrus?

Contact us at 336.463.5022 or Our representatives are North Carolina residents. They can explain the different packages that we offer and answer any questions you may have.